Michael Sholk is a multidisciplinary designer currently lives and works in Prague.






Since his 16, Michael was working  directly in art restoration company where he renovated many decorative art objects from XVIII and XIV centuries. While working with museum objects he learnt and tried different techniques and technologies such as engraving, carving, moulding, stamping, and also he gained the understanding how to create valuable artwork.  Right after he finished the N.K.Roerich Higher Art School, Michael continued his career in State Hermitage Museum as a web and graphic designer still being close to the world famous artworks. Later, working in many completely different design areas, such as: graphic, product, interior, Michael always takes attention to apply gained experience at the highest level of functionality and aesthetics and put all those parts in the right context.




Understanding of the material capabilities provides a necessary limitation and outlines of the field of work. The context of the object's creation is highly important. It dictates the conditions and affects the properties of the product.  Therefore, the product creation process begins from research and prototyping of the environmental context in which the product is going to be placed in the future. This approach allows seeing the product from the level of an impression. Conducting the work with the top-down approach, only small details would require finalization.




2013. Till now. Senior designer at branding agency SYNDICATED BRANDS.

2009. CAD modeller, 3d visualizer at NESTEL SERVIS ARCHITECTURE STUDIO, Prague, Czech Republic.

2007. Moved to Prague. CAD modeller, 3d visualizer, graphic designer at KIBARDIN DESIGN STUDIO, Prague, Czech Republic.

2005. Graphic designer at BUZZ FRIENDS, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2003. Graphic designer at CORUNA ADVERTISING AGENCY, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2001. Graphic designer at SENSITIVE COMPANY, St.Petersburg, Russia.

2000. Graphic designer at ECTACO COMPANY St. Petersburg, Russia.

1998. Work at IT department of STATE HERMITAGE MUSEUM, St. Petersburg, Russia.

1998. Graduated N.K.Roerich Higher Art School, St. Petersburg, Russia with Graphic designer speciality.

1975. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia



2001. Design contests Modulor 2001, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2002. *A6 format exhibition.

2003. Design contests Modulor 2003, St. Petersburg, Russia.


2004. Personal photo exhibition in "Tsarskoye Selo", St. Petersburg, Russia.

2004. Young Russian Photographers Contest held within Moscow international contest of the professional photo fest "Interfoto 2004". Laureate.

2005. International Design Competition Osaka 2005. Participant in " business-matching products" .

2006. Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition. Nominee of Russian contest.

2006. ZOW. Special section "Design Platform" Moscow, Russia

2006. Participant of photo exhibition "Poetry of garden", St. Petersburg, Russia

2006. SaloneSatelite Moscow.

2009. DESIGN AND DESIGN International Award. 3 awards. winner (France)

2007. Forum of industrial design "DA", Moscow, Russia

2010. Chocolate A-Z art exhibition, Harbour City, Hong Kong.

2010. FRESH-Futurista Universum. Prague, Czech Republic.

2010. Supermarket - Designfest, Prague, Czech Republic.

2011. Perm Furniture. 3st place. Сategory: Furniture for social organisation. Perm, Russia.

2017. Furniture Design Competition PROTOTYPE by Premier Group. 3st place. St. Petersburg, Russia.




2003 - 2006. "Adresa Peterburga". Russia.

2005.  "Krasny". Personal interziew. Russia.

2007. "ZaGorod". Russia.

2007. "Gastronom". Russia.

2007. "S7". Russia.

2007. “Nisha“. Israel. Russia.

2007, 2008. "Weekend". Russia.

2008. "Interier+design". Russia.

2009. “Fresh“ magazine. Czech Republic.

2010. “Kismet Magazine“. UK.

2010. “re:design” magazine. Poland.

2010. “Stile.it”. Italy.

2010. “Side Magazine”. Italy.

2010. “GQ”. China.


Featured in books


2004. "INDUSTRIAL DESIGN" book, published in Russia.

2005. "Mediamama. Ideas for happiness". Russia.